Today I declare that I am going to see God's favor in a greater way, that new doors are going to begin to open for me, that super natural opportunities are coming my way, that God is setting up divine connections for me, that I am always at the right place at the right time, that I am going to overcome every obstacle and defeat every enemy, that I am going to see every dream and every desire that God has placed into my heart come to pass.



Today, I dedicate my life to truth, love, peace and happiness. To Non injury through thought, word or deed.

Spirit Flight

Spirit Flight

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Found ... So I Searched

Timing, its all about timing or is it? While on the phone with one of my dearest friends we wondered where were we from each other all the past years, and the answer was probably we were not ready to have each other just yet and may be we were not to end up so close. 

This wasn't the real question, as much as why now is it so easy to see that, the thing that we don't like to speak about, is now so simple, shallow and have no power over us at all, no bitterness no fuss, we say it like water. Those details that we didn't like to revisit, it becomes safe to just go there and admit, yes it is dead, it is broken, it is bent. I thought the past days on beliefs that keep me from doing things, and today I am identifying this new belief that made me drop those old ones just as easy. 

That relationship that broken up with no reasons, I walk on egg shells around it because it is the closer I got to one.  This thing that I am involved in, is so hard to admit because it is the closer I've got to safety, companionship, fun, and something you could call life.  It was so hard for me to turn that rock and look underneath because I can not bear the thought of another empty spot in my life.  We do not sleep sometimes because we are so tired, we do not listen to the calling for rest because we are so burdened (Exodus 6:9)

Today, I found abundance that carries within a promise for greater times to come, a richness in blessings that makes me immediately leave behind my net and my boat. (Matthew 4:20;22) 

Today, it is easy for me to call things by their real name, and see them for what they truly are.  Today, I fearlessly make that inventory and pray search me O' Lord, test me (Psalm 139:23-24) for I am ready to see that what is rotten, broken, bent and dead inside me, leave it behind and cross my Jordan.. for I have found!

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