Today I declare that I am going to see God's favor in a greater way, that new doors are going to begin to open for me, that super natural opportunities are coming my way, that God is setting up divine connections for me, that I am always at the right place at the right time, that I am going to overcome every obstacle and defeat every enemy, that I am going to see every dream and every desire that God has placed into my heart come to pass.



Today, I dedicate my life to truth, love, peace and happiness. To Non injury through thought, word or deed.

Spirit Flight

Spirit Flight

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Light of the Truth

You have made known to me the path of life;
       you will fill me with joy in your presence,
       with eternal pleasures at your right hand. -- Psalm 16:11

The first time I found out that the person I liked so much likes me back, I was 22 years old and I was in a hotel room in the 13th floor in Istanbul.  I was so overwhelmingly happy and I was jumping up and down on the bed and singing praises for God.  

Obviously, I did not end up with that amazing person.  But I experienced the joy of being in love with the right person.  It was made known to me, what being joyfully in love is like.  I met other people after that, and tried out many relationships.  I don't always know what it is, but I most of the time know for certain what it is not.  I cannot go through life pretending to never know what being joyfully in love is like.  

When I left my second job, I knew this is not what I wanted to do, but I had a very limited experience and knowledge of other market options available for someone with my qualifications and skills.  I knew I wanted to do something different, not quite sure what it is, I made a list of what I want to see and have in a job and recorded it in my prayer book.  Then 8 months later, after being so frustrated and tired for being out of work for so long, I had THE golden opportunity and I started the best job that offered me a career opportunity for the next coming 7 years and everything was not only what I asked for but much more.  

After that project ended I had other job opportunities and some were really great and others were not.  I could tell now because I had known "what fits" feels like. 

I have experienced God's healing presence, fulfilling joy, satisfying grace, protective peace and guiding light.  I do face challenges now and then but I can not pretend to live in the darkness of fear and despair.

"I can surely sin but can't afford to enjoy it any more".

Today, I dedicate my life to Truth, Love, Peace and Happiness.  

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  1. To experience God's healing presence, fulfilling joy, satisfying grace, protective peace and guiding light is my prayer for today.